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Practice makes you perfect...

We all have been hearing this right from when we started to understand things around us. "PRACTICE MAKES US PERFECT". Our parents, elders always said this to us. Other than that, almost all the motivational books, videos, podcasts etc. etc. asks us to practice the skill we want to develop. Practicing music can make you a great singer/instrumentalist, practicing any software at your job can make you the best at it, practicing to cook can make you a great cook. So practice practice and practice makes you best at whatever you wish to achieve. I read in Malcolm Gladwell's 2008 book, Outliers, that if any activity is done for more than 10,000 hours, you get an expertise over it. Everyone wants to be a perfectionist when it comes to skillful tasks.

What I have observed is, that we tend to practice the negative deeds more often than the positive ones. Example, most of us get angry for some or the other reason each day. So practicing anger so often, unintentionally, would make us angry all the time. We will find some excuse or the other to get angry accidentally. Same is the case with jealously, greed, dishonesty and cheating. It becomes more of a habit to practice these in everyday life without even knowing that we actually do.

So now the question is what should we really practice other than something that helps just ourselves? We should practice joy, it makes us feel content from within and makes people around us happy as well. We should practice kindness, care, sharing, love. We should make it a point that we mindfully practice these everyday. If we are happy, others around us are happy. Happiness is contagious. Everyone would like to be around a happy, smiling, loving and caring person. These qualities in a person inspire others to become one of them.

Practice a healthier lifestyle, that would make our life more enjoyable. Life is very short and unpredictable. So living a satisfied and healthy life should be our motto. Giving is the key to achieving a fulfilled life.

I don't get the point that why are we so reluctant in doing something for ourselves. These habits and practices are going to add something extra in a positive way to our lives first. Who is going to benefit from it? Its obviously us!!! Its just a daily habit that we need to cultivate for ourselves. Spend just 10 minutes each day and see the difference. We all should practice good things to be wonderful human beings, that would solve a lot of problems going on in this world.

Conclusion: It is what we practice that makes us who we are. Practice mindfulness, joy, a healthy lifestyle and make your as well as others life delightful, cheerful and content.

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