All about me

A Civil Engineer by profession and an artist at heart, I always wanted to make a difference in the world. Till a few months ago, I really didnot pursue what my heart wanted and my mind was cluttered because I felt I didnot know what to do in life. I didnot have a specific purpose in life. Then I began reading books and watching motivational videos and doing journaling. Eventually I got sorted a little and began a new journey as Happiness Follower.

Hello all!! I am a Angelika,  having a love for writing and sharing the good thoughts with the world!!I am a trained vocalist in Hindustani classical singing (Indian Music) having completed my Sangeet Visharad from "Gandharva Mahavidyalay". It is the love for music and awareness for serving the society, which has made me write up blogs and share my thoughts with you all.

Happiness follower is my dream and my persistence in wanting to create a change in this world full of negativity and hatred. It is my journey, to conquer my fears, gain my confidence and self respect, a wish to bring it to notice to people that "WE" together can change the world and sharing my experiences and knowledge.

The only selfless reason for me to start "HAPPINESS FOLLOWER" was to  create a difference, and to let know everybody, that "ALL (living beings)" in this world have the right to be happy.  I initially started this journey to free myself of all the negativity and to let out my thoughts. I wanted something more out of my life and so, according to many motivational books and  famous leaders teaching's, I started to write a journal, to make myself realize of what I was having and what I was missing. After a few write ups I thought of sharing my feelings with others too.

"Happiness Follower" is a term used by me, which lets people know that, "YOU" are going where "HAPPINESS" is. So I have been putting my thoughts as well as my experiences in my articles, so that people achieve the greatest contentment and they move towards a more healthier, happier and peaceful life.

There are so many people around the world who are facing problems such as depression and anxiety just because they don't know how overcome fear of failure. I here at "Happiness Follower" am trying to be the guiding light and make the lives of people bright and cheerful. 

I personally believe in giving back to the society  and Sharing Happiness with all. The more you give happiness, the more you get in return is my strong belief.