Self Love - Be Good to Yourself

Welcome to my yet another blog on how self care & self love is the first step to succeed.

So its all about each of us trying to get that feel good factor in life in some way or the other right?

Past month or so I have been trying to find out why am I not satisfied with the things going on around me? Why do I behave frantically at times when it really is not required. All the people surrounding me are the ones I love. The environment is good, then where lies the problem? And also is it ok to feel this way sometimes? I would now say "YES", its definitely ok to feel so. Even though everything around you is ok there are times when you feel lagged behind or frustrated or sad.

After much of a research work on my daily habits and lifestyle I realized that I was not able to give myself my "me time". So even after everything being ok around me, at the end of the day there was this lack of self happiness. Each one of us out there is living for others or I would say trying to make others happy in some way or the other. But we forget the fact that we are supposed to be happy too. If I am happy I can make others more happy. Being a woman, I love to pamper my self :) at times and that's what makes me happy. Spending time for some music, some time alone, some grooming, something to think and read and write upon, that's what my happiness quotients are. Pouring out my thoughts through blogs is yet another way I get that satisfaction of doing something good, and of course sharing my thoughts with the world would make it think about themselves too. So that's a win win situation right?:)

Today I also read in the newspaper that "mindfulness meditation may reduce the feeling of guilt". So if you have any guilt feelings try out meditation. My experience does say that it atleast makes your mind relaxed and feel good about yourself. So meditation is helping me out with easing my mind, energizing my body to face the day filled with new challenges and yet make peace with myself. I definitely would suggest all of you to try out doing meditation for not less than10min each day at your convenience and feel the difference.

Think about how you can stay gratified each day. Stay away from toxic people who in an direct or indirect way are becoming an obstacle in getting you to your goal . At the end of the day its of utmost importance to be content with yourself to achieve any kind of goal you have set for your life. Being "you" is what should be your concern. Making others feel good and happy is not sufficient to create that feel good factor for you. So concentrate on making your day, your life - joyful and content. Spending sometime alone for yourself is the best gift that you can give to "Self". Self Love, Self admiration, thinking about how good you are for whatever activities that you can do best, your capabilities etc will help you motivate your self for doing great things the entire day. That will keep your mood uplifted and give you energetic and positive feeling and attitude for all the things/chores that you do throughout the day. There would be no tiring feeling. Remember some self appreciation is what you deserve. Don't wait for someone/somebody to value you or your work. Self valuation is what is the first step to success.

All in all whatever makes you feel delightful, do it everyday!!!!That's the way to remain sane in this competitive world. Competition for work, money, power....and the list is endless. Take yourself out of this worldly competition and compete with yourself for being a better, happier and healthier person. Take care of yourself first - your mind, your body.

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