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Contrast - How the term works in all aspects...

Contrast in life - in black and white, and colored and monochrome, in patterns and plain. Everywhere we find contrast- it's in nature, art, photography, behavior and mind you its what we need most in our food. We can’t ignore the contrast in human behavior, it does add something more to life. There are people who react differently for the same situation, here too we see a contrast. It defines a lot of us and differentiates a lot of us from others. How do we use this contrast for our own good and good of others too? To me, contrast means two or more completely opposite looking or feeling things or persons. Ideally we feel that they do not match with each other but when placed together artistically, can create a magic of its own. Feel can also be about things like its softness, hardness, texture etc. These too create a contrast within the same material. My reference here is for color or material, but the same applies for persons as well. When I talk about contrast in food, I mean by the flavors, the textures, the tastes of the food we relish and enjoy. We do need a sweet ice cream post our spicy chicken dish right?? Same way when we talk about contrast in people, its about their behavior or nature.

If there is no such thing as contrast, everything, everyone would feel, taste and see the same. That would really lead to a boring world indeed. It surely adds some spice to our lives. Examples of contrast would start from the world of colors - blue is contrast to yellow or red, yet they go very well when placed together in an artistic pattern or manner and bring out the most beautiful piece of art. Similarly people having a contrasting nature can bring out the best of each other and lead a happy and fulfilling life. We meet different people in our lives and they also might be having a very contrasting nature to ours, but let us try to bloom the relationship artistically and fill our lives with fun and happiness.

What happens if we try to compare the contrast in nature or in our life? They will never ever feel correct. But to me, having contrast things in life are as much important as having the matching ones. Contrast creates a balance, a meaning to life, enhances quality or value of things. It highlights the positives against negatives, enhances the brighter against the dull, portrays what is more important compared to what is not. I think it also helps you to make the right choices as we get a comparison between two opposite identities.

All in all, we all need things which are contrast, persons who are contrast to make the right choices in life.

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