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Life Lesson

Today I became conscious about the fact that we start from being newborn babies crying and learning, as we enter this world full of unknown people and things, then we crawl, walk , study, earn, marry, have kids, then suddenly this stage of reverse process starts. We age and we again are walking towards the same stage of life where we started from, till the day we die. This whole circumstance of life creates a circle where we start with the same stage and end at the same stage. It's so extraordinary when I think of things that God created keeping so many minute details to perfection. As we try to go deeper we get to understand what must have taken to create beings like us, who are so complex when it comes to body structure and its functioning yet so simple to interact and operate.

Earlier this day I came across a wonderful video of a lady talking about the book called “Talking about top five regrets of the dying” - by Bronnie Ware. She wonderfully explained how it is important for us to realize that we should live our life to the fullest without worrying about what people think, should spend more time with friends and family, and fulfill our dreams so that when we are about to die, we don’t regret anything in life. This message has gone into my head so strongly, that every situation I feel that I have faced till date, was

purposely put into my life path to teach me some lesson or to make me understand how to tackle problems, or make me strong, confident, understanding and most importantly patient. I guess I cribbed a lot when I actually went through that particular phase in life, but today after a deeper thought I am grateful to God for having made me learn so much by putting me through all that. Now I have a very different approach towards my day to day chores or happenings. I take it much more positively and enthusiastically. I have stopped worrying about “why me”, “what if this could be simpler, avoidable etc”, I see it in a new way, because I have been given this day, I am learning something new, I am gaining better knowledge and experience, there’s definitely something which is going to make me stronger or bolder or give me some more joy/happiness. So whatever my life is throwing at me today or any day, is best for me, to learn, to absorb and to initiate a positive thought process that is going to be much more beneficial today, tomorrow or definitely someday in my life.

Its important to cherish each day with positivity, the more happy I am, the more happiness I spread making each day, month, year delightful to remember. This will make me never regret anything till I die. Before we complete this circle of life, it's important for us to pursue our dreams, show gratitude, learn to be happy in all circumstances, and accept whatever has been put up in our way.

That’s all for the day!! Keep reading your daily 2 min reads :) on happiness follower.

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