Power of Visualization

Did you know our brain processes 11 million pieces of information every second and only 40 of those are done by us consciously? The brain has been doing so many activities without even us noticing those. These might be our daily activities or some things that we have already done some time back. The brain remembers to react to certain situation based on our previous experiences. Thus it is tuning us rather than we tuning the brain.

Everybody wants to be successful, happy & wealthy, but looking to the individuals situation, everyone feels that it is either impossible or unreasonable. But this is false. Every individual can become what they desire or dream of. The only thing required is the Power of Visualization.

We should never under estimate this power. Have you ever observed that when you visualize something you feel the intensity in those visualizations and those things actually happen. To become successful in visualizing what you want to achieve, organize your mind and anything that you wish will happen. You have to programme your mind for victory.

Everyday you visualize your goals and you will be able to achieve them soon. When you imagine things, it brings our subconscious mind into play and that subconscious mind, makes thing happen to much more than what we had expected them to be. The power of thoughts can be used to heal the body and mind and when this subconscious mind changes the bodily process because of power of visualization, it makes thing happen in reality.

Purifying the mind and the subconscious mind is to make them divine, so start visualizing the image of the lord. Start by doing regular meditation by visualizing that you are calm and content. Doing Dhyana everyday is the most powerful tool to control your subconscious mind. Fill your dhyan with sentiments, the mind should be grabbed by remembrance of god. That is meditation. Close your eyes and bring the lord in the front, meditate.

Meditation programmes your subconscious to your advantage. We can also term it as the Law of attration. Attraction of all the things that we desire, attraction of positivity.

First thing to think is what do we want in our life - it could be materialistic things also. Mind power should be channelled towards one thing then you can create it into reality. To learn visualization practice the following steps daily:

  • Start breathing - breathing is everything- breathe is life

  • Mind will get to a calmer state and will relax your body

  • Be seated with your spine erect, palm facing up, closed eyes and keep on breathing till you get relaxed.

  • Now visualize the goal properly. Keep breathing.

  • Be in that moment by visualizing the goals and desires.

  • Now create emotions (emotions also equals energy in motion) the more emotion you apply in the visualization the faster you manifest your goals. Asks question related to this goal like - what are you going to do next and how do you feel now? Why do you feel like that? What happens next?

  • These questions increase your emotions - see it, feel it, smell it.

These emotions will let you feel the success. Observe and enjoy this success in your visualizations. Visualizations make your mind choose the correct path to reach out to your goals and eventually you achieve them.

Conclusion: State of mind or vibration or frequency, where you are at peace with the universe is what is visualization process brings. Visualizations are key to turning your dreams or desires to reality, by helping you pick the right choice and direction.

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