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Overcoming FEAR

Have you ever felt that nervousness and anxiety before going for an important meeting, or while giving and examination, or while attempting something new and different. I am sure you all must have and so have I. This is nothing else but fear. We all are so tuned to doing things we know that doing anything new or different brings fear. Now how do you conquer your fear?

Try these few ideas and they will help you calm down:

1. Take a slow deep breathe in and a slower breath out. Do it 5 times and you will feel a little relaxed. Deep breathing helps in focusing mind on inner thoughts. Tell yourself that you can do it too if so many people have. Bring in positive thoughts in your mind about your work.

2. Prepare your mind to think of the worst scenario, if that something that you are doing, is going to go wrong. And I assure you, that on thinking about the worst, you will know that its not going to take your life or someone else’s. I mean worst is that right? So make your mind ready for the worst and your fears will disappear cause everything would seem accomplishable.

3. Start to pray. There are many people who feel a great support after praying to god There fears are converted to hopes and the feeling of god being with them boosts there confidence. Always feel that god is there around you to support you.

4. If you know your fear, practice doing the same things again and again. Example if you have fear of public speaking, try to talk in front of the mirror as much as possible. Slowly you will overcome your fear.

5. Fear is mostly generated because of peer pressure. Because you feel someone is better than me, or something is not supposed to be done this way, what will people say, or I will loose this or that etc. etc. Teach your brain to listen to yourself only. Be true to yourself and you will see that no fear can stop you from achieving anything. Let the true flow of thoughts encourage you to feel confident about yourself and forget all fears

Evolve yourself more by knowing yourself more. Spend some time for yourself. Look after your mind, body, spirit and emotions. These are the main ingredients for happiness.

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