Grace of God

Hello Friends,

Today yet again, I felt that yes we do live by the Grace of God! I am sure everyone of you must have had this experience some or the other time in your life too, where you must have just planned something and it was all going right, till one moment and everything changes. All your plans are just swaying in the air. There is one time that you feel that I should do this and the other time you have thoughts about doing that. All this thinking and putting your brains to stressful use is for your original plan to succeed. Then this thought comes to your mind "Oh god!! why are you testing me like this? Why can't I get things the way I want them to be? Why does everything in life have to be so complicated when I feel, everything is going on good? " You relentlessly accept that now you have to change all your plans. You start working out on how you can fit in your chores in the specified period. Then how do you adjust your working hours. You also start thinking about the pro's and con's of each idea that you have just thought about. Each outcome gives you a sudden happiness of success or at times disappointing sentiments. Either of the results, generates the feeling of seeking to converse with God more and more. You start praying more if your idea doesn't work out and or if it does, you start thanking God. I feel both the results take you near God more and more. And when after much tussle you ultimately find your own solution to your problem, it gives a terrific feeling of satisfaction. And you know that this solution to your problem has ben given a direction just by him (God).

Today I experienced all the above😊. Now I feel calm inside with all the anxiety and stress has gone out of the mind. Thanking God for taking me to a new solution, which brought peace to my mind and a feeling of total happiness. Somewhere I feel God sees us and putting us up in situations like these keeps on smiling. I guess he knows how to put us through a challenging time to make us understand the importance of good or bad in our lives. He wants us to feel or rather challenge ourselves, so that we put in extra efforts in doing something that we usually wouldn't have done if things were easily done or I would say if things went off as we had been wanting them to be. He wants us to get the happiness after some hard work. He teaches us to be patient and thoughtful and not just haste around cursing our destiny. You just can't keep on expecting all the good things to happen just by praying. The famous idiom of course goes "God helps those who help themselves".

So here I am sitting peacefully, having planned my schedule as per the new requirements. I can now, follow the way that I have decided upon for the next couple of days. The feeling of blissfulness is amazing. This new challenge gave me time to explore new ideas and new paths. So thinking it positively, I know he (God) will make my new plan a success in any case but then when would he have got the fun of making me swirl around my own thoughts😉 All things happen in life with the Grace and blessings of God.......

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