Contentment is Happiness

What do you mean by getting happy? The definition says feeling of contentment. And yes that's exactly how you feel when you get happy. Ever thought why you fail so many times in doing certain things or work or process? So that when you achieve what you wanted, you get the feeling of contentment.

I personally face this so many times in my day, and I am sure you all do. Failure is a part of everyday life. Its all about how we take this failure. If we take it positively, it will lead us to the ultimate goal that we are looking for. If we take it the opposite way, it takes you further into darkness and frustration. The negativity seeps in.

How do we keep ourselves positive? Just keep thinking of all the good things we have. The good people, the good life, how the almighty has been kind to us, by not giving us so many other agonies that other people do have. If I do get any negative feelings or frustrations, the first thought that comes to my mind is, because I am born as a human being, I am blessed. The almighty has sent us here for some reason. He has definitely written a destiny for us but he has given us the "choice" to live our destiny our way. So why not choose a positive way?Why not stay happy, why not help other people, be kind and giving? I know that kindness pays. He who has created this world sees all good and pays back. He has taught us to be good human beings, its a part of ourselves that wants to have everything only for ourselves.

Lets get out of the feeling of "this is mine", "I will have that", " I deserve this". Let go off the I from ourselves and lets get content by reminding ourselves as "We".

Lets make world a better place. So try try and try till you get that feeling of happiness.

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