Forgiveness equals Happiness

Do you want Happiness in your life without much efforts?? Here you will get to know how and ways to convert yourself into a better person, having understood the importance of forgiveness.

The literal definition of "To forgive" is "stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offence, flaw, or mistake". It is much easier said than done. Forgiveness is an art, and everyone should practice it. It is the most difficult of all and mostly the monks are the only ones to practice it to get peace in their lives. Peace brings happiness and so monks live a life of eternal peace. They have mastered the art of forgiveness. It is when you forgive someone or yourself that you don't have any feelings of stress or negativity in your mind. If the mind is happy, the body is happy.

How do persons like you and me do it? Try these methods:

  1. Let go of mistakes - Mistakes can be done by you or others, try to let go and make yourself understand that humans make mistake and look forward to improve upon those mistakes. It is upon us whether to forgive and move ahead in life and create happiness for us as well as the other person.

  2. Control your anger - The more you have control over your anger, the more it makes easy for you to forgive the other person or you yourself. Anger generates negativity in mind and negativity does not allow the mind to think for itself. This causes hatred. Hatred is the root cause of all destruction, be it for your mind, body or the other person or the surroundings.

  3. Take responsibility - Take responsibility of your deeds, be it good or bad. The good never bothers us but the bad things do! To learn to forgive means to learn to take responsibility of the things happening around you. Do not curse your destiny, but take it as a learning lesson. Try to improve upon your mistakes and learn from them. Try to help others to learn from your mistakes too.

  4. Show Gratitude- Be thankful about whatever you are getting in your life. It could have been worst. There definitely is a super power than bestows upon us his love and think that this power is helping us be better. Show kindness towards all living beings. Do good deeds. Help others.

  5. Respect others - There are certain circumstance which causes people to behave the way they do. Try to be in their shoes before reacting. They too may have reasons behind their behavior. Mutual respect for each other creates a happier environment for existence.

Conclusion: Change yourself and the world will change. Forgiveness is the result of kindness, honesty, responsibility and gratitude. Practice these and thou shall learn the art of forgiveness.

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