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Instant Happiness in 6 ways

Ever wondered how to get out of a sulky and low mood? Try out these 6 things which I do often when I am in a depressed mood:

1.Listen to music

  • This is the best mood uplifter. Just log on to your PC or phone or music system and put out the most loved song of yours on a relatively high volume. You will see that as the music starts you start singing along the song and love the feeling. Just take care that you don't put it out loud enough disturb your neighbors :) :P

  • Incase you are not sure of what kind of music to put on, I would suggest you put up a dance number/pop song. If you are interested in Indian classical music instruments like Sitar, Sarod or Santoor in Ragas like Yaman Kalyan, Hansadwani, Tilak kamod, Desh, Basant will make up your mood. These are some suggestion for the ragas, you can explore more. Listening to vocal Indian Classical in the same raagas can give you a good feeling. I loved Indian classical music and that is why I always catch hold of my phone and get to listening to these lovely ragas.

2. Help out others

  • You might feel, how can helping others make "YOU" feel good. But trust me it really does. Small gestures like helping your mom in kitchen, or your siblings with their work / assignments. Helping out your grandparents. It really makes your heart feel good. Even helping out a stranger with his problem will make you happpy and him/her too. Try it out.

3. Pursue your hobby

  • You like painting, just grab that brush and start doing it. Doing what you like also makes you feel great. Just take out some time for yourself and do what you really like to do. That will drastically improve your mood.

4. Eat chocolates

  • Now who does not like chocolates. It has been scientifically proven that eating chocolate releases dopamine which makes you feel happy and energetic. I love chocolates and so I love this idea.

5. Exercise

  • Guys exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy. And yes it does make you feel great when it comes to mood swings. It works out wonders if you just go for a walk or do a few yogasanas at home. Do it and see the difference instantly.

6. "TALK" to friends

  • Yes talk to friends/relatives/parents or your colleagues. Off-late we just have forgotten to converse with each other. Open up your heart out to someone. You will definitely feel good.

So do try out these suggestions whenever you feel low. These just work wonders. Let me know how you felt. Also let me know how I can help you out more on these. Take care. Stay happy and healthy.

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