Right Balance in life

It is very important to have the right balance in life. The balance between the body and the mind will result in the well being of a person. If either of it goes out of proportion, a person would face illness of mind or body. An unbalanced life results in physical and mental exhaustion, which has a diverse effect on each one of us and people around us. The mind is the center of the whole human body. If the mind is healthy, it helps the body to get healthy. Here are some thoughts that I learnt through various videos that I watched of master Shi Hung Yei from "The Shaolin talks" :

It is very important to feed your mind with positive things for the desired outcome that is required. If you feed your mind with hate, sorrow, greed, problems, conflict , it will always give out the same. This will make your mind to shape the same way. It will give out these negativities to you and to others around you. The mind will shape the way you treat it. It is much much more important for us to see what we feed our mind.

Many things in life should change from “should” to “must”. We "must" Care about relationship rather than, we should. We "must" be kind to other rather than we should. Should is something in head, it changes nothing in life, but "must" changes the life for lifetime. It is a step to start with rather than just dream about it.

We must overcome the feeling of failure. Failure is not an option. We want balance in our life because we want to be happy. Happiness is not a matter of intensity it is a matter of order, balance, rhythm and harmony. Never do anything in too much or too less because its its an exaggeration. Anything in excess is never good. Nature is always in balance. It is we humans that do it against the nature, but we cant go against the nature because we are a part of the nature. We should get balance in our life, if we don’t have this balance nature will teach us this balance a hard way. Always avoid extremes and stay in the middle. For all the energy your are investing in helping others, invest time for yourself too. Creating balance by exercise, meditation, self discipline, self responsibility is way to lead a contently life. With self responsibility rises self care which makes rise in self love.

Don’t hesitate to make mistakes, correct your mistakes and find inner balance, inner peace. You must make mistakes, it is impossible to avoid mistakes. To do a mistake and realize it and, not to correct it, that is a mistake – said by Konfutse (Konfutse 0r Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who is considered the originator of the Chinese philosophical tradition Confucianism. Confucius taught to cultivate compassion and practice concern for others. He insisted on empathizing and extending virtues to others as the way to cultivate humanity).

Conclusion: Balance in life is necessary, and everyone must try to get balance in their lives. A balanced life is

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