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Occupying your mind

Our mind is always wandering with thousands and thousands of thoughts. Some are good and some are bad. Have you ever wondered why do mostly have negative thoughts? Its because the mind always gets attracted to the negativity first. Mind has a chemical known as cortisol (steroidal hormone) which on releasing causes all negative thoughts in our mind. This chemical is released when we experience acute stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger. These emotions are somewhere related to the societal pressure, of fitting into the system. We are always afraid to be left out by the society if we try to be different. This constant pressure makes mind tend towards pessimistic thoughts. This fear is the root cause of all negativities in the mind and diseases in the body.

Now how do we get rid of these negative thoughts? We must consciously keep our mind engaged in positive activities or tasks. It is very important for our mind to be occupied. Mind needs a constant push towards doing something or thinking something good. Once we make a habit for our mind to think in the positive manner it keeps on generating positivity around us. All our works are done in a short duration compared to other times.

A positive mind generates a feeling of happiness and joy within us and around us. It is equally important to exercise our minds like we exercise our body. Just like exercising helps keep our body fit, so does mind exercising keep our mind healthy and fit.

  • Games like scrabble, carrom, playing cards, puzzles, brainvita etc. are form of mind exercises.

  • Listening to music

  • Meditation also help the mind to get calm and energised.

  • Reiki is another form of healing the mind and body.

  • The mind is also occupied with work related engagements, hobbies, and chores.

These keep us engaged in the right direction and there is no space for any unrealistic and pessimistic thoughts. It is therefore very much in our hands to keep our mind healthy and active.

Conclusion: Play mind bending games and keep your mind occupied. Let us all keep ourselves and our minds working in constructive and more productive activities.

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