Change your attitude from "I Can't" to " I can"

Attitude is everything! It is the attitude that decides whether we are choose to do the right thing or the wrong. It determines whether the path we choose to travel would be meaningful or not. There are times when doing routine chores makes us really exhausted at times, and at the end of the day if we are asked for something more, we just say "I Can't do it anymore". There is a very small difference between I Can and I Can't but it takes real hardship making the first choice. We need a serious change in our attitude for getting to point of "I Can".

There is a beautiful book "Attitude is Everything" by author Jeff Keller. The book describes how this attitude of ours, that defines us, works in our favor or disfavor. A healthy attitude results in a powerful and effective performance. Whereas a negative attitude changes everything to negative, right from our thought process to the end result of our work.

Why do some people have success and the other have failure? We always have a choice whether to choose a positive attitude or a negative attitude. We should infact learn to take responsibility of our actions and think as nothing is impossible. Just as a child is born he doesn't know what is right or wrong. He has his own new world where he does what he likes and is never afraid of the results. He does not blame anyone for his success or his failure. The child never quits in learning his new activities. On the other hand, we being adults think about the future and get fearful about the results. These fears take us back to zero and there is no progress. We stay suppressed for ever in life.

We as human beings are like magnets. We attract whatever energies are being around us. If its the positive energy we attract the same, if its the negative energy we attract it as well. It all depends on what we believe is true. Whatever we think is converted to truth because our thoughts determine our actions and our actions determine our success or failure.

The key to success or failure is determined by following thumb rules -

  • We become what we think about ourselves.

  • Attitude vs. action - A goal can be achieved only if we do the action and not just think about it.

  • Our thinking/ thoughts leads to our actions, which are positive or negative depending on our choice made.

  • Gratitude is an essential part of life.

It is always possible to convert your thoughts to positive with some efforts like

  1. Reading positive thoughts, books or articles for 30 minutes in the morning. If we start the day with a positive mindset, the entire day will be filled with positive energy.

  2. Hear a podcast or watch a motivational video once in the entire day for 10 -15 min for understanding your life better.

  • Turn your problems into opportunities - Everyone does have problems big or small, but its important how we change our attitude and convert these problems into a chance for our own benefits.

Whenever we send the same message to our mind repeatedly, our mind starts to develop the same thinking.

Conclusion: For being successful we have to have the right attitude, but that does not mean we won't face failure or problems. We have to put in our best efforts and have patience along with the right attitude. We must believe in ourselves and change our way of thinking lead a meaningful and successful life. Must read the book for deeper understanding.

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