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Hi friends,

Back again with some messed up thoughts in mind. Today since morning I have been having a particular song whirling in my mind. Its a hindi movie song, rather an old hindi movie song which goes like " Na jaane kyun... hota hai ye zindagi ke saath.. achanak ye mann.. Kisike jane key bad,Kare phir uski yad,Chhoti chhoti si baat..Naa jane kyun". All this translates to is - " I don't understand why we miss somebody's/someone's small gestures, only after he is gone". I mean that is so true. Have you ever thought of this? This does happen to me.. Sometimes you don't understand the person's or any things importance, until it goes off from your life. This is I guess the human nature. Why can't we take care of our things or people when they are present in our lives. Why just be rude or bad or not so good with them when you can avoid all that..

Neverthless, feeling happy and good about having realized this today. I can't change the past but this thought can definitely help me change my future. Small changes in our lives count a lot. This also reminds me of the book called "Atomic habits by James Clear". Its a worth read, specially when you want to get rid of your bad habits and inculcate good ones putting in just a little effort.

So coming back to the feeling of missing. This feeling of missing at times, I do get for my old things also. Example be it my school/college days, my childhood hobbies, playing out with cousins and the list just goes on and on. I do get these questions in mind, that why do we need to grow up?? Why can't we have the same things which we loved in our childhood even when we grow up? Why do we change our behavior as we grow? How does all the negativity come in while we grow up? I know these are really bombarding, but aren't they true? I am sure you all must be having the same thoughts a lot of times. A few days back I heard in one of the motivational videos that I was watching, it was that as we grow the we want to match ourselves, prove ourselves with the surrounding society. This thought of competition and trying to cope up with the surroundings pollute us. If you observe a child, when he is born, he is so pure. He does not understand that he does not have to cry out loud, or he can't sleep at any time of the day, or that he will have to work someday in life and must have some etiquettes. If you see children praying, they just ask god- " I want a doll - just an example". They don't think how will god get them what they want, but they are sure if they ask god, it will be done. The innocence in children and their faith in god help them get what they want. As we grow our faith is just superficial. It does not remain as pure as it was when we were born. I miss this feeling of purity too.

I miss the simple environment we lived in as children. There were no show-offs about the clothes, the toys, or any things that we used to buy. If you watch today's children, they are more worried about how they look, how they present themselves in front of their peers. This makes me feel scared. They have lost their innocence in such young age. I miss that blissful laughter in kids. They are more worried about performing in academics or sports or life. The parents too I think need to change their thought process. They are the ones who are snatching away there children's childhood in trying to make them a place in the society. I do agree the competition has increased ten folds these days, but as parents they should take care of responsibly growing up their children.

I have so much in mind that would just keep on coming out till I type. So I think I should stop here. Please message me your thoughts as well as things that you miss. And do give in comments to motivate me to write up more..And attaching herewith the hindi song, hope you like it. I love it....

Stay happy and blessed.

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