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Simple Yoga practices for Mental Wellbeing

It is really difficult for each one of us to stay mentally well during these hard times. Being at home 24x7 can make you feel hyper at times. On top of that you spend your time looking after your kids classes, the household chores and not to forget your own job work. These things make your mind want for some peace. Here’s how you can achieve mental wellbeing and a maintaining balance in your body:


Today I will discuss some of the Yogasana which will help you keep your mind calm and reduce anxiety. Yogasana help your mind and body to relax, rejuvenate and gain strength. You can practice these asanas (exercises)everyday. The key is not to overdo and listen to your body. You should stop stretching if you experience any kind of pain while doing these exercises. Just before your start these exercises, prepare you body mentally and physically by sitting in cross legged position and deep breathing. Concentrate on your breathing for about a minute or two and then start. Here are some of the asanas that are really beneficial for relaxing your mind and the nervous system. I do these everyday and have experienced its benefits.

1. Adhomukh swanasana (downward dog pose)

First stand tall with your legs shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath raising your hand in the air above your head. Then releasing your breath fold forward touching your feet. Again taking a breath, first put your right leg back, then the left leg back and release your breath.Try to keep your heels on ground and move your head towards your belly. Keep your shoulders relaxed and keep looking towards your legs. Incase you have tight hamstrings feel feel to bend your knees generoulsy. Keep breathing. Stay in this pose for 5-7 breathes and release.

2. Balasana (Child’s Pose)

In this pose first sit on the ground with your feet under your hips. Take a deep breath raising your arms above your head and as you release the breath bend forward spreading your arms on the ground. Relax your shoulders and keep breathing. Stay in this pose for as long as you feel comfortable.

3. Prassarita Padottanasana (wide legged forward bend)

Stand in wide legged position keeping your feet in a inward “V” shape. Raise your hand above your shoulders taking a deep breath. Releasing the breath bend forward and try to touch your head down to the ground holding each of your leg with the respective hand. Keep on breathing. Stay in this pose for 5-7 breathes and then release.

4. Shavasana (Corpse pose)

Lie down on your back with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hand by your side and palm facing upwards. Let your body be in a relaxed state of mind. Concentrate on your breathing pattern, and try to raise your belly as your breathe in and fall down as you breathe out. Stay in this pose for as long as you want. This is the best exercise to relax your entire body and should be done after any kind of exercise routine that you follow.

I will write up for the pranayama exercises in the next blog. Till then keep doing exercises for your mind and body. Stay fit and healthy physically and mentally.

Do message me how you felt after the exercises. And don’t forget to warm up your body with simple stretches before your start your yogasanas.

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