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Meditate to get peace and balance in Life

We all know how Buddha got his enlightenment through day and night of meditation. All the sages and hermits used meditation as a tool to enlighten themselves and focus there energy into making their minds along with their bodies healthy. Enlightenment is nothing but awareness or understanding of our body and mind. We too can help get our wellness of mind through meditation. Practicing meditation everyday has shown amazing results in people's health and mental awareness. Meditation is beneficial for all age groups. It helps to increase focus and concentration, reduces traces of depression.

Why do you think we need to meditate? Meditation is the key to get awareness about what your mind is thinking. You can change the way your subconscious mind thinks. The conscious mind sends messages which the subconscious mind obeys. The subconscious mind is working 24/7. Even when we are in deep sleep our subconscious mind is still working. All our daily chores which are repeated activities are done by the subconscious mind. So if we train our subconscious mind to do things which are good for our body (mind or whole body), we would be immensely benefitted.

We can train our subconscious mind to think positive, believe in ourselves, believe in achieving the impossible, life being beautiful, just by repeating the above quotes everyday before going to bed and after getting up in morning. Repeating these creates an impression on our mind and the subconscious mind starts following the same. This helps in making our day bright, feeling positivity all through the day. Positive mind makes everything around us feel easy and achievable. We get stress free and all the work we do, we give in our 100%.

The subconscious mind can be worked on only by meditation. All you need to do is sit at a quite place comfortably. You can either sit in crossed leg position or lie down your back keeping your hands away from the body and legs a little wider. Relax yourself by taking 5 deep breathes. Now concentrate on the breathes, how the belly rises when you breathe in and how it goes down when you breathe out. It is initially difficult to concentrate as many thoughts come to your mind. Try to get back to your breathing, but don't force yourself too much. For beginners you can use guided meditation video's or audios. Meditating once a day for 20-30 minutes is proven to be the best for mental health. You can start off my meditating initially for 5-10minutes.

Conclusion: The benefits of meditation include stress and anxiety reduction, feeling of freshness, positivity in mind.

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