Listening to the rains

Its rain time and all think about is hot cup of coffee and some yummy, delicious corns or fritters. Staring at the rains and sitting in you home, with hot coffee, what more can you ask for in you life. But have you ever heard the rain drops falling on the ground. What a beautiful sound those make. Its so remarkable that each time the sound depends on the speed of the rain and the surface on which it falls. The sound of rain if falling on the ground is very different from the one which falls into water. Also if the rains are very heavy the sound makes us a little fearful, whereas if the rains are light, the sounds are much pleasing for the ears. They take us to an altogether different world or dreams and feelings.

Listening to rains is like music to ears. The best is when it raindrops make a very calming sound, especially in water. Many of us do meditation purposely listening to the rain drops falling in water, isn’t it. It makes the mind feel at peace and relaxing. I can sit for hours and hours just looking at the rains and feeling those melodious sounds. It makes me forget about all the other worries and tensions going around me, and also all the negativity going around the world. Its just the feeling of being with oneself which embarks a very different journey to know what you are and where are you heading. These feelings are very crucial in these times of stress and anxiety. They add to betterment of your mind and body and give you a new enthusiasm to start all over again and face all the problems going on in life. So don’t just look the rains but let yourself go into the melodies and free your mind.

There are times when suddenly the rains are too heavy and we definitely feel worried or feared, but remember after all bad there is good and after all good there has to be some bad. We need to learn it from nature to adapt ourselves to all the situations around us without creating a havoc. The more we take control of ourselves the happier we would be. Nature teaches us to enjoy ourselves as well as to be cautious and take care of our surroundings just as it takes care of us in unknown ways. Respect nature and the nature will respect you.

Conclusion: Enjoy the rains with a different perspective this time and create a happier life. Take it as an inspiration for creating a happier space.

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