Life is Music & Music is Life

You get to hear some kind of a music everyday in you life. Be it the chanting of prayer in schools in the morning, or some devotional songs in the temples in evening. Some hop hop songs at your neighbors place or a blasting sound of a dance number in some rickshaw on the street. Music is a vivid part of our lives. Music makes us energetic and enthusiastic.

What happens when you hear your favorite song playing on the T.V. or the radio. You sing along or you start to dance. Why? The song, lets you forget about the things going on around you, and brings an instant power. Your mind relaxes and takes you out of your tensions and pressures. For a while you are taken to a different state of mind, which is very important, for every human being to stay away from a strain, tension, anxiety, anger and other such mental conditions. Music helps you stay away from mental and emotional problems.

Music is a very vast subject. There are so many genres and each one has it own sweetness. I don’t think any person in this world, would not like music. Rather I would say there might be very few who don’t like listening to music. Everyone has there choice of music, be it instrumental, jazz, hip hop or subtle classical. Nonetheless, they all give you a sense of peace and happiness in your mind.

It has been proven through various studies that music is a mood changer. It is known to cure patients of many illnesses that regular medications do not. Why do we have the proverb of “Music to my ears? It simply suggests the good feeling that music brings when you hear it. It gives the feeling of a distraction from your stressful life, a detox for your angry mood. It drains out all the negativity and transforms you to fully positive and enthusiastic person. When you feel happy, the hormone “dopamine” is released which makes you feel energized, zestful, dynamic. Music brings out all the emotions within you and makes you feel light.

Being a trained vocalist, I do know that our "Indian classical music" has raga's that are to be played or sung in the specific hour of the day. The notes used in the raga's influence your mood and in turn your brain. If the raga's are sung in some at some other time, their influence is nullified. They don’t sound appealing or interesting. Similar is the case with Western music too. It all depends on the notes that you play or hear. I have experienced it myself, that a low spirits gets transformed into a nice and happy feeling when I listen to some peppy songs or subtle instruments.

So the next time you feel low key try out the music/song that you like. You will see the change almost instantly. Why do you think we put up music, when we feel like dancing? The peppy notes lift up the energy, the brain gets the happy hormone supply and we like this feeling of happiness.

Conclusion: Listen to music with self-awareness and forget all your stress and worries. Supply your brain with loads of happy hormones. Treat your life like music, let it flow on its own and that will keep on adding the extra sweetness each and every time you add a new note.

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