Are you getting affected by somebody else's opinion about you? Do those opinions keep on pondering your mind, ruining your work and life balance? To let go such thoughts is easier said than done. We are affected easily by anyone saying anything to us, or hearing something about us, or somebody’s behavior which is not good towards us. Why does an external person make us feel bad, miserable, helpless, sad, depressed, unwanted or a good for nothing. Letting go, can also be for things not meant for us but, what we keep on desiring limitlessly. These desires can ruin the present and make the future worst. Letting go of relationships, which is the toughest at times, makes us feel weak and broken, but these are the times when we should stand up for ourselves and look for a beautiful future.

If we can't let go of thoughts, relationships or things means, we are not in control of our mind. Somebody else’s deeds and thoughts control our minds. This will never let us live peacefully and we will continue to attract the negativities like hatred, fear, guilt, misery and agony. So it is very important for us to learn how to let go.

Letting go can take place only when we have a stable and balanced mind. With a balanced mind we are aware of what we are doing, or what we are saying, what we want and most importantly what we don’t want. For stability of mind and body it is very important to feed the mind with right thoughts and right deeds. These include right exercises, right diet and right behaviour. The key factor is training your mind, once that takes place, other things fall in place. To train your mind to get balanced the activities given below followed daily, can be very useful-

  • Start & end your day with visualizing the life you want to achieve – this process initiates the brain to think of all good things that take you toward reaching your goals successfully.

  • Keep on repeating positive thoughts in your mind whenever you feel sad or depressed or low key.

  • Play brain quizzes or puzzles, they sharpen the mind and keep it fit.

  • Follow the practice of any form of meditation for atleast 10 minutes a day – meditation helps in calming the mind and take control over your thoughts. Meditation is not very difficult, it needs a little time for your mind to make it a habit. There are various forms of meditation, just google it and find which one suits you the most.

  • Stay away from negative people - they would always say something or do something that would create negativity around you. We attract the kind of energy we are around, so stay with positive people and attract positive energy.

  • Stay happy - follow any of your hobby or habit that makes you feel happy from within.

Once you start noticing what you say and do, you have reached a stage when you can think and act. This is control of your thoughts. Though it may take a little time, but be patient and keep on practicing. Practice makes you perfect at anything and everything.

Conclusion: A blissful life is what everyone wants to achieve. Learn to stay balanced. Learn to let go negativities and positivity’s will eventually follow.

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