Keeping Calm...

What is calmness and how do we achieve it?? Isn't it a question everyone of us has in mind when we go through some agitated situations or have anxiety, pain, unstable mind and all those times when we feel we need to recede our exaggerated feelings of anger. Calmness helps us to make better or should I say the right choices in life. It makes us feel and stay balanced.

Being calm by definition means - the state or quality of being free from agitation or strong emotion. It also refers to as the state or condition of being free from disturbance or violent activity. And as a layman I could say calmness is the feeling of peace in your mind. The happy feeling, that everything going around you is going smoothly. It seems too simple to know what calmness is, yet why is that we find it so difficult to achieve? It is because our mind catches the negativities and the hustles going around us more proficiently than the positives. We have to train our mind to get calmer, still and get into a tranquil to attain peace of mind.

To achieve calmness these few pointer would definitely be helpful:

  • Firstly accept the fact that you do face anxiety at times and its only upto you to control your mind and make it calm.

  • Close your eyes and start deep breathing. Focus your mind towards your breathe and take deep inhalations and deep exhalations. Try not to get any other thougths in you mind except your breathing pattern.

  • Listen to soft and subtle music, like relaxation audios or meditational music.

  • Lie down in Shavasana (Corpse pose in Yoga) for a few minutes to take yourself out of the ongoing thoughts.

  • Talk to you people you like as confiding helps to let go the stress related to any situation and mind feels a lot peaceful.

  • Divert your mind to activities that you like to do.

  • Play sports if possible. That way you get your exercise done as well as mind is redirected to a more productive field.

  • Just sit and enjoy the nature. Smell flowers, feel the wind blow, listen to the birds chirping, splash in the rains. Nature has amazing healing powers which transfer to us very easily if we pay just a little attention.

Our state of mind is in our hands. It should be only ourselves who could direct our feelings and no one else. If you get control over your mind, you have control over you body and life. All the power lies only in your mind, so inculcate habits that bring about positivity in your thoughts and control over your mind.

Do try out the above mentioned guidelines and let me know in comments how you felt. Stay calm and stay happy.

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