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How to Control Anger

We all go through circumstances, where we get angry, mad, irritated for a particular situation or by a person. Either of the cases anger is harmful for "US". Firstly it rarely affects the situation or the other person and secondly it generates immense stress in our body. Unknowingly this stress causes various unwanted diseases like acidity, heartburn, damage to our gut health, which can take a serious toll on our body mechanism. So how do we effectively handle this unwanted stress due to anger? How do we relax ourselves in a stressful situation without doing much or infact investing in money. Follow these steps and get yourself stress free and anger free with just the investment of your little time.

Meditate: Meditation has been a proven technique in relaxing your mind and making it more aware of the situations around you. The more you know how to handle the situations, the less stressful you get. Meditation lets you control your thoughts and actions in the best possible way. Most of the time when you get angry you react in an unwanted way which you too neither know. These reactions harm you body and make the situations worst too. Meditation initially for 10 minutes and slowly increasing to 20-30 minutes will prove to be very beneficial. Invest your time in learning meditation. There are various sources available like YouTube channels, blogs, classes, so do go in an learn the art.

Read books: Reading helps us to concentrate better. Go through the books that you like to read or the topics that help you rejuvenate and bring back a smile on your face. Go to a relatively quiet place to read or be amongst nature while you read your loved book. Even reading magazines or articles would help you relieve stress. You can also try out anger management books for step by step conquering your anger and anxiety. Some books that you can try are:

Music: Listen to the songs which bring peace of mind. It is said that soft music with vocals or instrumental music is supposed to bring positive feelings and change your mood instantly. I would suggest you put on what you like the most and see the change. Music has the power to control the negativity in your mind and convert it to positivity. Even 15 minutes of listening or infact singing can change your angry mood to a lively one.

Eat: There are times when we don't understand that we are hungry and that makes us angry and frustrated. So eat what you love :) but do take care that you don't munch of unhealthy food too much. Some food that are known to be healthy and fill you tummy include Salads, Nuts, Eggs, Leafy greens. Eating healthy is of course good for your gut and whole body.

Conclusion: Anger is very dangerous for our body and mind. Try to maintain an equilibrium between your body and mind. A healthy mind is a result of a healthy body.

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