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How does Karma Work for you

There is so much talked and heard about karma. But what exactly is karma? What are good karmas and what are bad karmas?

According to Hinduism, following the path of good Karma will lead you nearer to God. Yoga and meditation has been done by Sages since ancient times in India. These are the key to attaining closeness to God. Yoga is a state of mind, a steady mind feels neither happiness nor sorrow, neither anger nor excitement, neither anticipation nor disappointment. A person is real yogi when he has a steady state of mind. When a human attains this stage his Atma(Soul) will reunite with Paratma(Almighty) and this is known as moksha (liberation for cylcle of life and death).

Nyan yoga

Karma yoga

Bhakti yoga

Karma (Yoga) is nothing but your actions done with awareness or consciousness. Your own actions create our own destiny. We feel that God is the controller and he decides our destiny. But in reality controlling our actions shapes our destiny. It is in our hands and not God's or others. Positive actions would result in positive steps towards our desires.

Any situation is a part of my destiny but my response to the situation is my choice. Cultivate your attitude positively towards reacting to the situation, which will be your destiny. There will be times when you fail but persistence is the key, and that will lead to success. All karmas done within this life and other endless life is the result of your present life.

How people treat you is there karma, How you react is yours – Buddha

Result of cause and effects of your actions is "KARMA". Both pleasure and pain are great teachers. Intentionally take good actions for what you desire and that will be your good karma. As you sow, so shall you reap. What you do to people, that will happen to you. Be kind and courteous and people will reciprocate.

Our actions are reason for our destiny. You attract what you are and not what you want.

What you resist persists. Admit yourself that you have problems and challenges. Not accepting reality generates fear, anxiety, revenge and this creates negativity inside you. Accept both negative and positives inside you then you will find strength to change .Improve your thoughts and choices and you will be able to create your own destiny.

Reality is a continuous reflection of what's going on in your life. With deep inner reflection and peace you can find solutions. Learn lessons from your failures. Become responsible for your actions. The Past – present – future all connected to each other with your actions.

Focus is another key factor. Concentrate on things that truly matter. Always look on the brighter side. Actions like giving, showing kindness, care, selflessness, helpfulness are good karma which will do your good in return. Let others grow and you will see your growth.

Lead a meaningful life, deal with past and future to take right steps for present.

History repeats itself unless something changes. You take responsibility of changing that something in your life. Take actions to change the negatives.

Conclusion: Patience brings reward. Our actions bring change in society. We should make actions that bring value to the society. Adding value to the society will bring value to your life and the human kind. Bad intentions are bad karmas and as buddha has said your karmas decide your destiny.

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