How to be happy today and everyday.

Wishing you all a very Happy "International Happiness Day 2021". We are really fortunate to have passed out on a bad black year 2020, where somebody or the other had to loose something or someone which was very dear to them. So lets celebrate this new year and this brilliant day with lots of happy and memorable moments.

Follow these golden rules for the day and the see to it that you practice atleast the first three points everything from today and make your life happier, healthier and beautiful.

  • Start your day with a PRAYER just before you get out of your bed. Pray to God and be thankful to him about all the great things that he has given you. The good things in life that you have been enjoying, the best of the days, the amazing stuff that you have. Show GRATITUDE.

  • MEDITATE for atleast 10minute in the morning. Try to learn the art of meditation from this day and you will see how life changes if you keep on following these steps everyday.

  • EXERCISE for atleast 30 minutes today, and follow this schedule from this day till the end of your life. The best days will start once you start using the first 3 points everyday. Make it happen and see the difference yourself.

Now for the rest of your day, you can try and make use of these points. The more you follow on these for the rest of your life, the best days you can have for a lifetime.

  • PLAN you day in advance. Try to see how much time you can spend with your friends, or loved ones or family. Of course there might be some impromptu changes due to some unavoidable situations, but keep space for that too. Plan your meals, meets, work and at the end of the day give yourself some "ME TIME".

  • Try to do one thing that is HELPFUL for somebody else during this day. See if you can help out someone with something, that is going to make you day even better. A feeling of self satisfaction comes when you help out someone.

  • SPREAD LOVE, AFFECTION, to all those with whom you have been rude or bad or have had any grudges. Forgive them and the most importantly FORGIVE yourself.

  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART, and spend time for yourself the way you want. Make yourself feel the internal happiness so that it becomes a part of your life for everyday to come. If you are happy, people around you are happy.

  • DONATE, to the needy. You have the power to make someone else happy, use this power for the good and make a positive difference in the life of somebody else. These BLESSINGS COUNT.

Conclusion: Make other day happy along with yours and stay blessed always.

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