Power up your Willpower

We all know what "Willpower" is, but do we seldom use it? Or is it that we use it too often and exhaust it. How is willpower connected to happiness? It is your willpower which helps you to choose the good or bad direction or activity or thought. The choice of good eventually leads to happiness. For ex: Today your choose to exercise 10minutes more even when you are a little exhausted. You push yourself through your willpower to perform better and the result, is a good workout. That gives your a healthy feeling throughout the day, which leads to a happy day for you. Whenever you make a choice or desire for something, your willpower pushes you to make the right choice for yourself. For a more detailed view about willpower, please read the book "The Willpower instinct" by Kelly McGonigal who has backed her write ups with scientific approach towards the subject.

  • Willpower works like a muscle if we don't worn it out by using it too much, it will help us when we actually require it.

  • The will power is limited for daily use, so use it only when you really need to.

  • Willpower is significantly related to decision making. They work hand in hand.

  • The more willpower you develop the faster you build it so train yourself to you increase it.

  • Stay away from distraction and temptation

  • Use self control to increase your willpower and make positive changes.

  • We indulge in using our willpower to reach our goal, so make your goals clear but not too specific to exhaust your willpower in achieving it.

  • Lastly, self forgiveness is a very important factor in increasing your willpower. Self critisicm leads to less motivation and hence a loss of willpower.

Willpower is very essential for your professional life, your health and productivity.

Conclusion: Use your willpower in proportions. Try to increase your willpower by regular exercise, good diet, healthy thoughts and positivity. Don't run behind your goals to much which can lead to stress and exhaust your willpower. Learn self-control.

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