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Is Happiness an Addiction

All the while we feel we need to be happy. Being happy at any cost. Is it good or is it bad? Can you call getting yourself happiness an addiction? Yes. Addiction is something that you keep on doing, initially knowingly and then unknowingly till it becomes a habit. Anything too much is not good, so is happiness. So even addiction to happiness is going to harm your body. Its just like getting addicted to drugs, you don't realize the negative effects till its too late. Anything out of proportion is bad. So, here are a few pointers that would make you think whether you are the one who is getting addicted for happiness.

  • To not get addicted to happiness, you need to be emotionally content all by yourself. Your happiness should not depend on something or someone. It should be created inside of yourself.

  • People always feel that by eating what they like, or exercising for longer times, or taking drugs/pills, or doing any activity for hours an hours together, would make us happy. But this is where they go wrong as they don't know the difference between pleasure and happiness.

People are convinced that pleasure equals happiness whereas in reality authentic happiness can only be attained when you are living a life of values, engaged in activities that draw upon your character strengths and using it to make a positive impact within your community/world.

  • You cannot chase happiness — happiness is found on the inside and it can only be attained when you know who you are, you know what your strengths are, you are living a life anchored in values and you are using your strengths to benefit your family and community.

  • Happiness is nothing but staying in the present moment and not running around for worldly things.

  • Mostly people are focused on the external rather than the internal. Happiness in true form in only internal. Try to get internal happiness through meditation and relaxation techniques or any art forms.

  • Let the feeling of happiness sink in. Our expectations to feel happy all of the time may be the thing that is making us unhappy.

  • It is our unhappiness that drives us to discover, to change and to learn. So at times it is good to be unhappy. Please note the difference between unhappiness and depression, the former is for a short period of time while the latter may stay longer and infact the person suffering may have suicidal thoughts or aggressive behavior.

  • Happiness is an inside job, so don't just gulp on pills and potions as they always backfire.

  • Small acts of kindness will make you more happy. Look into the world, there are so many people who need help in little but crucial things, try to help them. The help need not always be financial. Go for the small and repeatable help to as many people as you can. Giving happiness is gaining self happiness.

  • Happiness is not a place, it’s a mood. So think rationally when you are trying to get out of your sad or bad mood to get happy. Don't overdo things.

  • Instead of chasing happiness, I think it is more important to be content. As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs too, being content is the best way to achieve happiness.

  • There is no one right or wrong way for achieving happiness, everyone will have their own different path to reach the level they desire. Everything has its time and everything has its place, so be patient in getting what you want.

Conclusion: Happiness is to be felt internally and no external activity can get you to it. So change yourself internally, be forgiving, kind, caring and giving, and find your internal happiness and peace.

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