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Growth of the Mind

Hi Friends,

Today as I write this blog I feel immensely happy inside me. Do you know the reason why? It’s just because my mind and my soul both are happy. I feel that tickling happiness inside me and how did i start feeing all this? And why can’t everybody in this world feel the happiness both inside and outside? The answer to this question is growth. This growth that I am talking about is not just a physical growth, its growth of your mind. So how do you help your mind grow? You can’t just try out different food or pop up pills, then how?? I will tell you some basic reasons, to help yourself grow. These are my personal thoughts and experiences that made me feel what I feel today.

The first thing that is required to grow your mind is thinking positive. Start reminding yourself all the time that, you have to think positive no matter what situation you are in. The habit of making your mind think positive will automatically start producing happy thoughts, good thoughts, come what the situation be. The mind tends to follow all negative things faster because we are born in a world where very few people actually appreciate your thoughts, your work. So by training your mind to have positive thoughts it generates positive vibes which in turn gives you happiness from inside.

Secondly, show gratitude. Each and every day you must thank god for all the good things he has been giving you in your life. Remember all the good times spent with your friends, your family your relatives, your colleagues. All the times when you achieved something that you thought was impossible. The times when somebody unknown came out to help you and saved your day. These feelings generate a freshness feeling in your mind. We get happy with such memories which in turn again make us feel positive. Thanking someone for things that they have done make us feel emotionally bonded. Your mind understands the value of sharing happiness which promotes its growth.

Growth of your mind does not just bring growth to you and your body but also to the life of others. Your mind becomes free of any inhibitions. You try to concentrate on improving yourself rather than paying attention to others thoughts or negative feelings. All the negativity is changed to positivity as you compete only with yourself for your own development. But always remember for you to grow, you need to help others to grow first. Growing together is the key to your growth.

Many more such things that i feel will be posted by me soon. Till then keep reading and do send me posts to share your experiences and comments.


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