Don't ever - Regret

There are days we are doing just nothing and our mind starts to wander in the past. Then come the memories - some good, some bad. These memories do bring back the thoughts and regrets which we have had till date. Be aware.... stop your mind on time to get away from this mode of "regrets". These bring back nothing but negativity, depression, anxiety, guilt and self hatred. All these cause more and more trouble to a beautiful life that is lying ahead, hindering all the good things coming your way. I am pretty sure each of us must have gone through this phase in life and experienced the anguish and pain for atleast once.

From my understandings of human nature and to find a path to move towards positivity more, I have eventually realized that these regrets are worthless. They are not just a waste of time, but your energy and confidence as well. These not only snatch away your present happiness but keep on nagging you every now and then, which ruins your future as well. If we dig deeper into the subject we realize that there is a sheer need to change our thought process. The only solution to come out of the situation, the only way, is change from within, change in your thinking. Our mind definitely knows that what has happened cannot be undone and yet it keeps on taking us back to the same thought process of failure and guilt. I truly believe in Karma and hence accept the fact that whatever happens in our life

is the result of our good or bad karma. The life that we have reached today is because of all the good or bad deeds that we have been doing till now. so its our responsibility for self enhancement, to concentrate on doing good for others and us as well, right from this very moment. Have faith and do good is what will give you peace of mind and a new energy to move forward in life. It will also make you feel content, joyful and self satisfied.

So forget your regrets and try to organize you life around good deeds, gratitude, peace and self satisfaction. These new thoughts will fill in your mind with positivity and each new step yo take will lead to a better and fulfilling life. A life should be like rainbow, which we see only after the rains are gone and we see sunshine. So look forward for that sunshine and life will be filled with beautiful colours.

Self knowledge and self control are the key factors in deciding your path to inner peace. The more you gain a grip on both the earlier you can take control over your mind and thoughts. Ultimately, we need to direct our mind to think the way we want it to and not the other way round.

The famous quote by Buddha says "You have two choices: To control you mind or the let the mind control you".

The more you let your mind control you, the life will never come out of darkness.

Conclusion: Never ever Regret on what has happened. Think of present and c

reate a bright future.

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