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Hi all!! Its been really a long time since I could write upon something. So here's one for all of you who need to know the significance and value of "KNOWLEDGE". Today in these times of super competitive world we all need to keep ourselves updated. "Updated with Knowledge". Nowadays it is a must, to have a definite skill, to keep upto the expectations of everyone in today's competitive world.

If we listen to all the successful people in the world, they all suggest that we must develop our skills which would help us in growing. As we all know "Knowledge is Wealth". At any point of time it is our knowledge that helps us to get out of any situation or solve any problem. Knowledge does not only help us all just as a study material but also helps us in our day to day lives. It need not be only bookish, if you like music and study its various forms that would increase your knowledge about music as a whole. Same would be the situation for any of your business tools or any craft ideas, any financial literacy material etc. It just could be any of your hobby ideas too. These learnings definitely help us in our lives at some point of time if not today. So I would always say keep on learning. Its the skills that you acquire after learning that makes a difference in your personal as well as professional life. Your skills define your presence and importance.

Learning need not be only from books, though they are the biggest source of knowledge, it can be from people as well and mind you the age of the person also does not really matter here. A child can also make you learn some lesson about your life, yes but obviously if as a person "YOU" are ready to learn. These days the kids are so tech savvy, the other day my son taught me how to operate the zoom chats and calls. That has made my life for virtual meetings so much simpler. So you see, its our eagerness to learn that makes us grow in life. So its not really important who teaches you what, but the key factor is what you "LEARN".

Lets keep our eyes and ears open, and I am sure many of us would notice that there are so many things to learn from the environment around us as well. We actually learn from nature too. Look at the plants and trees around us, they teach us to give and only give selflessly, without any expectations.

Just as it is important to gather the knowledge around us, its equally crucial for us to know ourselves. Learn about our mind, our body and how to control our thoughts and reactions. This leads to a peaceful inner-self, and the one who learns this art would be void of any problems or stress. Inner peace is what makes life beautiful and once you get the knowledge of it, its your duty to spread it to others and make world a better place.

Conclusion: Keep on learning everyday, every moment, enhancing your knowledge and spreading it as well. Its not what you are but who you willing to be.

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