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Blessings by Nature

Hi friends,

The other day I was out for a trip to a hill station called Mahabaleshwar. It is in Maharashtra. It is very famous for its strawberry cultivation and amazing atmosphere. So here I was on a road trip which took me almost 3 hours to reach. The entire way through I was so mesmerized by the beauty of nature. It was so refreshing, the cold breeze, those huge mountains and trees all around. There were deep valleys surrounded by tall trees on which small monkeys were sitting and playing around. That's when I thought I should write up something on the things that this beautiful nature has been giving us selflessly.

While on the way, watching those lush green trees and shrubs I felt that its just because of nature that we are able to breathe in the purest of air, we are able to get the freshest of fruits, the best of the food grains. All long the road there were so many fields of sugarcane, strawberry, cabbage , cauliflower. Some fields had those most mesmerizing marigold flowers of red and orange combination. What a fascinating sight to see. A blessing to the eyes. I bet you cant' get a fresher air than this for breathing. Stay in these fields and you won't have any ailments, I am sure.

That's when the thought of mother nature being altruistic passed my mind. It has never asked for anything from us. It has been giving us since ages and ages. All these years since the evolution the human race has just been selfishly taking away from it. I think all that nature asks for is a little kindness and care towards it and even that we cannot give back. I don't think it really takes a lot for each individual to give out some time to nature. I guess barely 10 min of your day would be enough for planting a sapling or taking care of a tree around you. Somewhere I had heard in a show that planting trees is a lifetime gift for your future generations. It's just so true. You just have to water a sapling till it grows a little beyond the ground and then rest is taken care by nature itself. As it grows it gives you fruits, shed from the sun, the wood is useful, there are various birds nesting. I mean this is so much. What more can you ask for??

There are so many people who without reasons are just cutting away these wonderful forests and trees for their own selfish reasons. This is in some way or the other damaging the nature. Its damaging the natural habitat of so many birds and animals. All this is taking toll on the lives of wildlife as well as human beings. You can see these days why animal and human conflicts has been on a rise. All most 10-12 leopard attacks have been reported in Maharashtra in past 3-4 months. We are harming them in-turn they are harming us. We are doing it purposely, they are doing it because they don't have a choice.

All in all I feel, let us take care of what has been given to us, for no cost, a little more judiciously. Let us take the benefits of the blessing given to us by Almighty. Take care of nature and the nature will take care of you.

Please put in your comments whether you like the articles or not. Also you can give your suggestions for your likings.

Good bye and take care. Offcourse.... more to come

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