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Positive effects of praying- the first thing in the morning.

The wonders of starting your day with a prayer are only when you start doing it and experiencing it yourself. It is the belief with which we start our day, that God is going to answer my prayers undoubtedly. Just as you wake up, you have different feelings. Sometimes it may be super happiness, or a feeling of laziness, may be you are scared because of a bad dream etc. But just as you sit on your bed with folded hands and closing your eyes, remembering the Almighty, your day will bloom beautifully.

  • Praying first thing as you wake up makes you feel god's presence.

  • Your body and mind both feel good and relaxed.

  • As you say the words of a prayer, they are reflecting in your mind, so you are in a kind of state of meditation. Meditation is always good for your mind.

  • Secondly you are doing good to your body as you get time to think for yourself.

  • As you pray you get to activate your subconscious mind and feed it with positive energy.

  • This makes you happy, and a happy mood is the key to a happy day.

If you ask me, when I pray, I feel like my body is flying in the sky and I feel the confidence that today whatever I ask for, will happen. That creates a positive atmosphere in my mind which then starts reflecting in all the activities that I do. So whatever I had asked for that particular day starts getting into reality. This of course shoots my feel good factor levels. And as I feel good, the others around me feel good. I distribute my positivity with the people around me and they in turn to others and this cycle goes on. Creating positivity around you helps you in doing good deeds, and keeping calm. No anxiety, no stress and work done. All that we need in our day to day lives right?

After the prayer just give yourself another 2 minutes to think and plan for your day. And you will be surprised that your mind is clear of how your day has to be. These extra two minutes work wonders for the entire day. Talk to yourself how you want your life to be, and your mind will naturally start working in that direction. As all people who are renowned and famous say, they give themselves a little time first thing in the morning, before starting any other activity. This is the time when your mind is not clogged with other thoughts and you can fill in what you want out of your life. This habit is going to add all good things that you desire.

Conclusion: "God helps those who help themselves." Say a Little Prayer, and hope your dreams can take your there, where you want your life to be.

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