5 Rules for Protection against any viruses

The much talked about coronavirus has definitely left us mentally low in the past year. Follow these top 5 habits that I follow to never let any of virus affect you mentally or physically.

1. Eat healthy: Put all your junk food into the trash can. Try and cook some healthy and fresh foods. The longer you keep your food in the fridge the lesser nutrients stay in. So give yourself some cooking time. Eat foods that are good for your immunity. Foods rich in loads of vitamin C and antioxidants. Cheating on junk food once in a while is ok but try to form a habit of eating fresh food.

2. Exercise: Alteast 5 days a week follow an exercise routine. You can do it straight away for 45 min or if that isn’t possible, researchers have proved that you can even divide your time for exercise throughout the day. Say 10 min 4-5 times a day would be great. Studies show that people who exercise are more healthy and have a greater immunity in comparison to the ones who don’t. Ideally it is best to exercise in the morning in fresh air, be it your house balcony or in the garden. Also breathing exercises are amazing way to increase your oxygen intake levels for your body. So pranayama as it is know is ideal in fresh air for a better life.

3. Increase positivity of mind: This will help you to give some extra time to yourself where you can read some good book or meditate. Let this be your me time so that you can have a positive day and a great beginning is a great day. This will definitely make you feel happy and also keep you healthy. Remember early to bed and early to rise makes Tom healthy wealthy and wise.

4. Mask it up: Follow your sanitization rules for another 4-5 months atleast. Keep washing your hands and face after you come back home from any place. Always keep your masks on be it with your friends, your family your neighbors. Its supposed to be one of the best precautions for keeping the virus at bay. Also sanitize your surroundings and home frequently. Sanitization of your house floor and other things which are used or touched by other people are a must. There are a lot of disinfectants available now in the market so use them.

5. Avoid mass gatherings: Please try to stay at home as much a possible. Avoid going for get togethers or parties involving a lot of crowd. The virus is mostly transferred in public places faster.

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