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5 Rules to stay positive

There are so many times and circumstances when we feel we are surrounded by negativity all around us. Be it at workplace with a mean boss or at home with kids/ people annoying. In-short nothing is working out in our favour. Here is a list of 5 activities which I follow to stay positive at any time:

1. Meditation

This is the best way to stay positive. Meditation helps your mind stay calm, it reduces anxiety, helps you concentrate better. All I do is just sit in quite place on a mat on the ground. Cross your legs and keep your eyes closed. Keep your hands on your knees and start deep breathing. There will be many thoughts coming to your mind but try to concentrate on your breathes and belly moments. Start by meditating for 5 minutes each day. Slowly you can increase the duration. Meditating daily will make a significant difference in your thought process.

2. Read books

Reading is a great hobby. It has all the benefits required to make you a better human being. It helps increase your knowledge, concentration and makes you feel confident about yourself. Start by reading a small part of the book daily and eventually you will form a good habit of reading different books.

3. Watch motivational videos

There is load of stuff on the internet. Watch out inspirational and motivational videos. These will inspire you immensely to stay positive come what may.

4. Listening to music

Listen to you loved music and that will make you feel happy and positive. Choose out on your most favorite playlist and put it on for a while. See the difference.

5. Exercise

Exercise has a very positive effect on your mind as well as your entire body. It helps boost the brain with good thoughts and reduce stress. Half an hour of exercise daily will make your day the best one every day.

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